Little Harpeth Brewing

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Sales Force

  • Michael Kwas

    Michael Kwas

    Founder/CEO • Ambassador • Dreamer

  • Davy Spohr

    Davy Spohr

    Nashville Sales

Our Story


We craft award-winning beer in the tradition of German lagers, consistent with the beers of pre-prohibition Middle Tennesseans. Our mission is to preserve the past, enjoy the present, and sustain the future of brewing in Middle Tennessee. We are dedicated to the improvement of our community and to the quality of our product -- and we are working hard to give you the beer you deserve.


The thought “be who you are, use what you got” has forged much of what we consider Southern culture. In an ever-changing world, we maintain a loyalty to sourcing local ingredients and continuing Southeastern brewing traditions. 

Sustain The Future

At the end of the day we feel that with the right resources most anyone can produce beer and sell it. We strive each day to do so with the utmost respect for our community whether it is east Nashville, the southeast, or planet earth.