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Chicken Scratch | American Pilsner

Chicken Scratch

American Pilsner

A crisp & refreshing traditional American Pilsner made from malted barley, locally grown corn & America’s only native hop variety. This beer has a slight residual sweetness from the corn & a floral / herbal hop aroma. Chicken Scratch is light on the palate & flavorful. Listed as a classic example of style category 27F-Pre-Prohibition Lager byt the BJCP.

  • Availablility: Year-Around
    Alcohol Content: 5.25 by volume
    Original Gravity: 1.048
    Finishing Gravity: 1.008
    Bitterness Units: 35
    SRM: 2.8
  • Color: Medium Straw
    Yeast: Lager
    Bittering Hops: Cluster
    Finishing Hops: Saaz
    Malts: Pilsner & Non-GMO White Corn
    Mosaic | India Pale Kolsch


    India Pale Kolsch

    It's a brand new style of beer unlike anything else. Bright, crisp and highly drinkable. IPK is a single hop beer that highlights the mosaic hop. The mosaic delivers the complex flavor and aroma of mango and guava. The kölsch yeast provides subtle apple and pear flavors and wonderfully clean and refreshing finish.

    • Availablility: Year-Around
      Alcohol Content: 5.64 by volume
      Original Gravity: 1.051
      Finishing Gravity: 1.008
      Bitterness Units: 34
      SRM: 3.3
    • Color: Medium Straw
      Yeast: German Ale
      Bittering Hops: Mosaic
      Finishing Hops: Mosaic
      Malts: Pilsner, Vienna
      Deer Crossing | Keller Helles

      Deer Crossing

      Keller Helles
      Unfiltered Young Munich Lager, Bready, Crushable

      This Gold Medal winning Helles delivers a crisp, clean light body which hovers on the side of sweet. This young unfiltered Munich style lager is easy drinking and made with 100% German Pilsner malt. It's balanced with a conservative hop profile to give you an inviting session beer to share with friends. 

      • Availablility: Year-Around
        Alcohol Content: 5.1 by volume
        Original Gravity: 11.5
        Finishing Gravity: 2.0
        Bitterness Units: 15
        SRM: 2.4
      • Color: Light Gold
        Yeast: German Lager
        Bittering Hops: Mittelfruh
        Finishing Hops: Saphir
        Malts: German Pilsner
          Bison | Vienna Lager


          Vienna Lager

          In the tradition of Austrian beers, Bison Bock presents a slightly malty aroma with toasty notes in the flavor as well. European noble hops balance the malt sweetness with a slightly spicy but smooth dry finish. One is just not enough!

          • Availablility: Spring Thru Fall
            Alcohol Content: 5.38 by volume
            Original Gravity: 1.049
            Finishing Gravity: 1.008
            Bitterness Units: 20
            SRM: 9.9
          • Color: Dark Amber
            Yeast: Lager
            Bittering Hops: German Noble
            Finishing Hops: German Noble
            Malts: Pilsner & Dark Toast Malt